Aegean Paradise



At the Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, the resort's understated opulence seem to extend as freely and endlessly as the dark azure sea of the Aegean itself. From the outdoor lobby, a modern water-surrounded terrace offers arriving guests panoramic views of the resort grounds and the Turkish Riviera. Just beyond, anchored yachts bob along the sleek and unwavering waters of Paradise Bay with the occassional passing by of gulls squawking above; it's a beautiful prelude that encapsulates the idyllic constant one can expect when staying here.

Morning dawns early on the Bodrum peninsula. A warm light from the rising sun peeks through a small twitch from our bedroom curtains, vying to flood in. Surrendering, I draw the beige drapes back. Crisp lines form onto the sandy hued interior, highlighting touches of understated luxury along the way. The grain from the oversized sliding teak doors come into clarity, hand-loomed Turkish rugs lay plush and high-end tech from the Danish designer, Bang & Olufsen, subtly dot across the room.

Hopping into the rainfall shower, I settle here for a while, lingering almost. Between the satisfying warm drench of an invigorating shower and the picturesque views of the Riviera, it’s hard to tear myself away. Later, I step outside, barefoot, onto the connecting wooden sundeck. It’s mellow and comfortingly meditative, gently heated by the soft glow of daybreak. Overlooking the peninsula from the balcony, rooftop gardens over the terraced rooms below extend outwards, level by level, almost seamlessly flowing into the beckoning sea as if it were a part of the surrounding sprawling landscape. Watching the waves, I sit still. There's plenty to do below but I am in no rush, I'm happy to simply linger a while longer to watch, to bask, to think; that's already plenty to do before the prelude ends.


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