Japanese Aesthetics

Exploring Interiors at Time & Style


In the historic neighbourhood of Jordaan in Amsterdam, Time & Style presents traditional Japanese style furniture and decor in a modern aesthetic.

Meticulously pruned bonsai trees sit alongside contemporary Japanese art that accentuate the beautifully crafted furniture on display. Underneath the warm glow of the afternoon light, the store emits a sense of tasteful refinement and quietude.

Showcased by architect Kengo Kuma, Kuma explores the theme of traditional Japanese aesthetics, tools and techniques through his understated furniture designs.

"I want tables and chairs to be light and delicate. Such elegant pieces are content to play a supporting role and never attempt to steal the spotlight. The starring roles are performed by our human bodies or by the food or drinks we place on the table. To respect and complement these living entities, I want furniture to be as understated as possible." ̶Kengo Kuma