Thread Unraveled

Exploring Traceability with ASKET


I have always admired ASKET for its commitment to creating sustainable and ethical menswear, it’s what first caught my attention when I met up with the team in London during their roadshow across Europe last year. They have reached out again this fall in celebration of a new milestone for the brand – having acheived 100% full traceability in their wide range of merino wool products.

This ambitious Swedish startup has pushed itself to become an industry leader in its commitment to transparency, setting a new standard for garment tracing by breaking down each step of a garment’s history – from the sourcing of raw materials through to the milling and final manufacturing. For its merino wool supply chain, it was a challenging process that took 18 months in the making but one that they are proud to have accomplished with their suppliers. In turn, ASKET has become the antonym for untraceable fast fashion. It's a brand worth investing in for those looking for meaningful essentials at a conscious price.

Unraveling the thread, I’m wearing the merino roll neck with raw wool sourced from Omeo (Australia), where it is cleaned and combed in Nadrazni (Czech Republic), spun into yarn in Łódź (Poland), knitted in Magione (Italy), before finally being washed and packed in Korba (Tunisia) and delivered to my door. Now that is a journey worth knowing.


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