Beyond Beauty



Founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Ben Gorham, Swedish luxury house BYREDO established a cult following by creating thought invoking fragrances – inspired by a specific memory that tells a story personal to the wearer. A first for the brand, BYREDO is showcasing their upcoming collections across beauty, leather and apparel at its two-storey London flagship store in Soho.

Sitting alongside the original fragrances, a new line of perfume extracts dawn over. The three new formulae, distinguished by its vibrant amber hues, hold a higher perfume concentration and are housed in BYREDO's signature domed top and squat glass bottles. My favourite composition 'Sellier', draws inspiration from the craft of leatherworking, paying tribute "to the delicate hand of the glovemaker, the fine skill of the bootmaker and the genius of the saddler." Being the most dynamic of the three, it resonates beautifully with sombre top notes and a concentrated leather base.

Behind, a display of fine leather goods adorn the warmly lit teak shelves. In recent years, the brand has pushed itself to become more than just a global beauty powerhouse, expanding into leather goods, accessories and apparel in collaboration with artists around the world. Their foray into leather has been created with precision – sleek and streamlined bags in exquisite leathers are handmade and finished meticulously by the same Italian ateliers used by Dior. Of the collection, a series of unimposing black leather camera bags, exclusive to the Soho store catches my eye.

Across the second floor galley, the theme of subtle and timeless quality extend to its apparel and accessories. Japanese titanium eyewear, cashmere blend blankets, and collaborative tees all showcase the brand's emotional yet creative ambition. As BYREDO branches out, it's an intriguing process – one that I will be closely following as the platform develops and evolves under Gorham's unique vision for luxury and art.