100ml Essentials

A curated dopp kit for travel


Over the years, I've built up a meticulous collection of everyday grooming essentials that I can't live without. Combined with my penchant for travel, it's important that I have the right mix of essentials to keep my daily routine on point. I thought I would share my routine and a dopp kit curated by myself to help inspire yours for your next trip abroad. All shown products are 100 ml or less and can be carried onboard for hassle free travel.

Morning: My handy HAY toothbrush keeps things light and minimal. I brush with a classic mint toothpaste from Marvis first thing in the morning whilst checking the latest news and weather, followed by a warm shower. The Aēsop travel kit (shampoo, conditioner, geranium body wash) puts a soothing touch of natural luxury to my mornings no matter where I check-in. I cleanse from top to bottom when I shower: hair first, face, then body. A daily cleanser I've sworn by is the Parsley Seed facial cleanser also from Aēsop, perfect for my combination skin. It's gentle enough for everyday use and ideal for maintaining clean skin in polluted urban environments.

After a warm shower, whilst my pores have opened up, I shave with a unique aloe shave gel formulation by Clinique. It lathers brilliantly, soothes, and minimises razor burn. Unlike cheaper brands, it doesn't clump up when I'm shaving and is a daily essential I can't recommend enough. Thereafter, I moisturise with face lotion from Le Labo. It's slightly on the thicker side of moisturisers but it keeps my combination skin hydrated throughout colder days. For warmer climates, I would opt for a lighter SPF 15 Facial Fuel by Kiehls.

Lastly I finish my moisturising routine on my neck, arms and legs with a light body lotion from Acqua di Parma (alternatively, I sometimes use the thicker Rind body balm by Aēsop from the travel kit on colder dry days). I fix my hair with matte paste from Kevin Murphy, spritz on Santal 33 by Le Labo on the neck and I'm good to go.

Above, from left to right: Santal 33 eau de parfum by Le Labo (15ml); Night Rider hair paste by Kevin Murphy (100ml); Mint flavoured toothpaste by Marvis (75ml); Tann toothbrush by HAY; Face lotion by Le Labo (60ml); Parsley Seed facial cleanser by Aēsop (100ml); Travel shave gel by Clinique (41ml); Special edition razor by Gillette; Colonia body lotion by Acqua di Parma (75 ml); Anti-blemish gel by Aēsop (9 ml).

Evening: Before bed, I’m an advocate of washing my face with the Parsley Seed cleanser again to rid the accumulated sweat and grime after a long day out. Afterwards, a great regenerative treat is the Blue Chamomile facial hydrating masque by Aēsop. I typically leave this on for 15-20 minutes after cleansing and during which, I brush my teeth before bed. Wash off the masque and moisturise afterwards (optionally you can use a serum instead for night routines). Lastly, apply blemish control by Aēsop to tackle any problematic areas. I suggest doing this at night because blemish control typically has a higher sheen when applied which may draw more attention to said area than it already needs.

To help carry all my essentials is a leather dopp kit (aka toiletries / wash bag) from Common Projects. My love for their classic achilles sneakers convinced me that you can never go wrong with investing in a bit of hand crafted Italian leather. To this date, I continue to be a big fan of their leather goods and would recommend them time and time again. To summarise, I would suggest keeping your grooming habits relatively short and poignant, don’t overpack and moisturise accordingly to the weather.

Above, from left to right: Parsley Seed facial cleanser by Aēsop (100 ml); Travel kit (50 ml each) and Blue Chamomile facial hydrating masque by Aēsop (60 ml); Bergamote 22 soap by Le Labo; Leather dopp kit by Common Projects.



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