Luxury Basics



Co-founders August Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky are the outside duo behind the much celebrated Swedish brand ASKET. Redefining their approach to traditional casual menswear, ASKET provides an industry leading 15 sizes on its entire collection to help men find the perfect fit. Think off-the-rack tailoring, but without the bespoke prices.

From humble beginnings, the brand launched in 2015 from a kickstarter campaign looking to tackle the problem of ill-fitting menswear in a world of standardised sizes. The campaign was a monumental success. What started off as a single collection of the classic tee has now grown into a permanent collection of 21 different basics and accessories, ranging from cotton oxford shirts to merino scarves and most recently, a new line of cashmere knitwear.

Building on its success is the brand’s brazen approach to every design and industry norm. There are no brick and mortar flagship stores, no billboard ads or seasonal catalogues. Instead of reinventing its collection every season, ASKET focuses on building a permanent collection of essential basics and providing incremental updates as necessitated from the feedback of its loyal customers.

Everything extra that takes away from the brand’s commitment to quality, transparency and honesty was entirely cut out from the process. Quality is strictly controlled and responsibly sourced. Every partner factory ASKET works with are proudly displayed on its webpage, detailing working conditions including employment hours and even average salaries. A transparent breakdown of its manufacturing costs and mark-ups are fully provided in pursuit of true honesty, not obscurely hidden away in the back notes of a 100 page financial statement.

In a world of fast fashion and unsustainable supply chain practices, ASKET is refreshingly conscious in its approach to casual menswear. Not only are they redefining traditional retail norms but they are carving a new path towards the future of ethical and sustainable fashion for men of all shapes and sizes. For me, ASKET is at the heart of my wardrobe basics, where luxury utilitarianism meets timeless minimal designs.